Anthropology – Cultural Events


Rodeo, Myrtle Point, OR

These galleries contain images from a small-town country fair, including the Rodeo where cowboys show their skills and animals to the crowd.

MP Rodeo 1

CB Salmon Festival 1


Military Independence Day Andros, Greece

These galleries contain images from a parade honoring the day that the Greek military refused to join German forces who attempted to force their allegiance during World War II.

Independence Day, GR 1 Independence Day GR 2 Independence Day 3


Japanese Bon Dance, Oahu, HI

These galleries contain images from a Bon Dance, a traditional festival where Japanese descendent people gather to eat, socialize, and perform traditional dance which is led by instructors who stand beneath the grandstand showing the movements to traditional songs. The crowd then dances in a large circle around the grandstand imitating the dance moves of the instructors. Some of the participants where elaborate clothing, makeup and headdresses. As this event was held in Hawaii, most wore more casual attire. These events are also held to introduce young people to meet one another for potential life partnerships. Similar to a Native American pow wow.

Bon Dance 1